sustainability & environment

idesk headquarter in El Segundo, CA

idesk products meet the California Air Resources Board Composite Wood Air Toxic Control Measure standard. The C.A.R.B. rule mandates the strictest formaldehyde emission levels in the world on all composite wood products made or sold in California.

We recognize the impact our products have on the environment and are committed to sustainability as a guiding principle in our business.  idesk uses renewable and recycled materials in our products and processes wherever possible.

long life = good use of resources

Our products are designed and manufactured for long-term use — our casegoods are warranted for 10 years — this decreases the need for short-term disposal or multiple replacements during a normal life cycle.  idesk collections are designed for strength, durability and modularity.  These guiding principles are critical to long product life cycles and reducing landfill waste.

recycled core material

both wood veneer and melamine products are constructed of particle board cores manufactured from recycled post-industrial material.


in order to conserve resources and lessen the effects on the environment, idesk utilizes packaging materials responsibly to reduce bulk weight.


With five nationwide distribution centers, idesk can utilize shipping points nearest to our client and minimize fuel and energy requirements.